Our Favorite Wedding Resource

As Production Manager at Arizona Weddings Magazine, I am here to tell you that your wedding planning prayers have been answered. Arizona Weddings Magazine + Website is more than just a pretty face. Our company is a local Arizona resource for our brides wanting the BEST vendors for their special day.

Arizona Weddings Magazine + Website has been the premier resource for couples selecting wedding professionals and services for nearly three decades by creating partnerships with statewide Arizona wedding vendors. Published annually and distributed with six covers per year, each issue includes beautifully captured photo layouts as well as the latest wedding fashions and features in Real Arizona weddings.

This year, I had the privilege of being a part of our 30th Anniversary Edition! I had a great time in producing, proofing + editing the magazine. As for you who do not know, the proofing process takes about a week, however, the producing process takes much, much longer.

Here is are our covers for the next year!

Our typical “year” starts on June 1st. This is the day that our newest magazine issue debuts in the stores for our brides to enjoy! However, we do treat our vendors to a Launch Party a couple of days before the release to celebrate + thank everyone for their hard work all year.

These vendors put a lot of sweat + tears in their work with us to make sure their talents + skills are showcased in the best way to appeal to you: the brides! I cannot stress enough how incredible + talented every single one of our vendors are. I have yet to meet someone that does not do anything they can to make sure their brides get exactly what they want + deserve on their wedding day.

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to pick up a copy + be inspired by our amazing professionals.

Check us out in your local Barnes&Noble, or Frys + at Arizona Weddings Magazine. Plus, we make a great engagement gift!

All photos belong to Arizona Weddings Magazine & Website. I do not own anything.

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