Our August Goals

Currently, we are already more than halfway done with 2017, and we “can’t even” tell you what our New Year’s resolutions were in January. So, we are going to write + pursue new ones in August to motivate ourselves + kick start the busy holiday months to come!

Our August Goals:

    1. Wake up early. Waking up early, around 6:30AM or 7AM, will energize us throughout the day + we will have more time to get things done!
    2. Going to sleep at a reasonable hour. Getting up early, usually requires us to go to sleep before midnight the night before. We have no desire to be old ladies getting ready for bed at 8PM, but refusing to stay awake in bed on Instagram until 2AM will definitely help in getting our rest for the following day.
    3. Read in our free time. We are not big readers, however, once we start a book, it is hard to get us to stop until we finish it. Reading more in our free time will allow us to escape the world for a little bit + relax our minds. 
    4. Travel locally. Neither of us take advantage of the cities we live in. Our goal in August is to explore Scottsdale + Brea/Fullerton, and to become part of the community. This involves attending events + wandering the streets of our beautiful urban areas.
    5. Eat smaller portions. We do tend to eat somewhat healthy… for the most part. However, it has come to our attention that when we eat, our portion sizes are fairly large. So, our goal is watch for American portion sizes + realistic portion sizes when ordering at restaurants. 

We believe that these are reachable goals to accomplish by the end of the year, which will, hopefully, develop into a lifestyle. But, these are just goals. The objectives to conquer these goals will come with trial + error until we find what works for us, as individuals. But we are excited to get started!

Who else is ready to achieve their Half-Year’s Resolutions with us?


Let’s Get Purse-onal

I used to not carry purses, but lately (now that we are transitioning into real grown-ups), I need to carry a lot of crap around. So feel free to learn a little more about me through the things I carry on the daily.

First off, my bag is from JustFab.com. I fell into their sales trap around Christmas time last year, and bought way too many shoes and accessories. But I love this bag because it has a faux leather exterior and a suede-like fabric inside, the color is my version of “bright”, so it makes me feel a little bold (even though it’s such a mundane shade), and of course, who doesn’t love oversized tote bags? File_004(1)Now to the good stuff…

What’s in Becca’s bag?

  1. Willard’s Keys. I can’t go far without my truck’s keys. Yes, my truck’s name is Willard, WIlly for short. And yes, he is named after the famous whale.
  2. My Work Keys. I have to carry my work keys because I am always the first one in the office every day (I get out earlier though).
  3. Michael Kors Wallet. Derek got me this wallet a few years ago, and I have managed to keep it clean and to not lose it. He got it from Nordstroms.
  4. iPhone. I’m sure everyone knows that this item is a piece of the holy grail. I don’t go anywhere without this. Mostly because it has all my random notes + embarrassing screenshots on it. (Not pictured)
  5. Black + Gold Journal. I recently just got this journal from Joann’s, and I am excited to use and carry this around with me to be able to write down my thoughts or doodle when I am bored.
  6. Pens + Pencils. Everyone is always looking for a pen, so I carry a few.  
  7. Sunnies. I have gone through so many sunglasses in my days. So you’ll probably see new pairs every now and then, because I either break or lose them. These rose gold aviators are from Urban Outfitters.

I realize that I really do not have very exciting or interesting pieces, but it is amazing to see the things that I carry around all day , every day to help my day go smoother + organized.

What do your purse items say about your daily tasks?


Our Classic Blouse

We are all about the leggings with t-shirt look but sometimes we attend functions that require us to be a little dressier (or just when we feel like it) which is why we love this basic yet fun + affordable blouse. This blouse is as versatile as they come, which is what we love!

Living in California for the summer, I come across crisp chill mornings that turn into blazing hot afternoons, then the day returns to a quiet cool evening. So, naturally, I change my outfit three times just to keep up with the weather. However, this blouse is so light and airy that I can comfortably wear it throughout the day + dress it up for a night out.

This blouse was purchased from H&M for $24.99.

img_1915-1For a business casual look, we paired the blouse with a black pencil skirt + comfortable flats or black booties for some flair. Add some tasteful jewelry, such as small pendant necklace or delicate pearls. This top completely tucked into the skirt accentuates the waist + creates an hourglass figure.

For a casual yet classic look, we paired the blouse with a dark wash jean + strappy sandals or wedge heels. Add some long chunky necklaces to balance the texture + make a statement. To design a more polished look, tucking in only the front of the blouse will give the blouse more shape + look more fluttering.

img_1923-1.jpgFor the ultimate casual look, we paired the blouse with denim shorts + some black booties. For an even more casual look, pair it with simple sandals. Add any fun statement jewelry, but maybe stay away from the pearls for this get up. To add more of a summer appearance, roll up the sleeves + unbutton the last pair of buttons + tie the two pieces of fabric into a loose knot.

We hope these quick easy styling tips help to create new ideas on how to wear our favorite black + cream stripe blouse. Let us know in the comments of your favorite staple piece of the summer!

Holy Ground: Joe’s Real BBQ

Everyone has family traditions that never seem to go away, no matter how many differences + changes occur. A location that has grown to hold a place in our family’s hearts is Joe’s Real BBQ in Downtown Gilbert.

File Jul 07, 11 29 48 AM

Joe’s Real BBQ officially opened on January 20, 1998, when we were just four years old. We couldn’t tell you about our very first time experiencing their tasty BBQ sandwich + fresh homemade applesauce, but from what we remember, we’ve been eating BBQ there our entire lives. We would visit after basketball tournaments with our club teams, call it dinner for an ordinary Tuesday night + most importantly, share memories with both sides of our families, as we rely on it to be a common meeting place.

This BBQ joint holds a very special spot in our hearts because it was the memorial spot where we gathered to remember our Grandpa Rudd after he passed in December 2015.  All of our Dad’s side of the family came to Arizona (stayed in our house actually) for Christmas that year, although Grandpa Rudd didn’t get to make it to see everyone. Since there was no funeral planned, we shared a special moment at the place where we all felt closer to him + to each other.

We continue to eat here very often, + enjoy the memories that we have created + continue to create. Joe’s Real BBQ is a place where we gather as family, no matter how long it’s been, or how far we live. This BBQ joint is delicious, but it holds a lot more than just the amazing pulled pork sandwich + homemade Root Beer (which we highly recommend).

What are some of your family traditions that you resort to?

Our Bucket Lists

Some of our dreams come true, some of them don’t. But what makes life special is the chase. We usually have a plan, but sometimes we like to step out of our comfort zone and do the unexpected. Below is our bucket list, or “our dreams to accomplish” list. Some of these dreams are almost impossible + some of them are reachable. But what is life if we don’t dream big, right? 

Becca’s bucket list for life:

  1. Eat breakfast in Paris, France at Restaurant Les Ombres overlooking the Eiffel Tower, lunch in London, England at The Clink Restaurant, and dinner at the Asador Etxebarri, in Spain, all in one day. (Private jet required)
  2. Stay in the heart of Rome for 3 nights.
  3. Get married in Santorini, Greece.
  4. Get promoted to “Director of Production” at AWM.
  5. Have a picnic in Central Park.
  6. Spend a week in Bali at an all-inclusive villa resort.
  7. Watch “Wicked” on Broadway.
  8. Live on an island in the Caribbean for short term.
  9. Go shopping in the Upper East side of New York City. (XOXO, Gossip Girl)
  10. Go to Disney World + stay at the Disney Resort.

Liz’ bucket list for life:

  1. Hike Yosemite all the way to the top.
  2. Shop for my wedding dress in Upper East Side of New York City (try to find Blair xoxo).
  3. Watch Carrie Underwood live in concert.
  4. Meet the whole cast of Friends (+ not freak out in excitement).
  5. Travel to a private island in the Bahamas with the love of my life.
  6. Become Coach of the Year for high school basketball.
  7. Take the Lord of the Rings Tour in New Zealand (“I’m going on an adventure!”)  .
  8. Marry my best friend in front of our friends + family.
  9. Travel to Africa and take a picture with a wild lion (call him Simba).
  10. Go to all the Disneylands and Disney Worlds. Compare them all + pick my favorite one.

We will keep you updated if any one of these become true! If you have done anything on our bucket lists, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for dreaming with us!

California Livin’

Living in California for a little over four years gives you a certain perspective. Expect to drive 20 minutes to go 3 miles. Yes, the freeway is always like that. Don’t worry, that road construction is almost done, it’s only been 2 years. Will there be parking? Probably not, expect to walk 17 blocks away from your destination and pay $25 to park half the day. California has its issues, don’t get me wrong. But there’s something about just sitting on the sand and listening to the waves hit the earth.   The sun setting right on the water is the most beautiful sight. Once you smell the sea water + feel the sand in your toes, all the stress in your life somewhat washes away with the waves. Although I am an Arizona girl at heart, California is a beautiful state to call home for a little while longer.

For living here for as long as I have, I don’t take advantage of the beach as much as I should. I do try to go as often as I can, but life somehow gets in the way of things at times (everyone is pretty familiar with that). But I always enjoy a trip down to the beach with friends or even by myself to clear my mind. Here’s a list of my top 3 favorite beaches in Southern California.

Laguna Beach

  • Location—Small coastal city in Orange County
  • Amenities—Popular surf spot, basketball court, volleyball courts, hotels
  • Food + Shops—Many upscale restaurants + boutiques
  • Known for—Art galleries, beautiful cliffs + gardens surrounding the Main Beach.



Victoria Beach

  • Location—  Victoria Beach, Newport Beach
  • Amenities— Scenic views, hidden lighthouse tower
  • Food + Shops—None near this spot (surrounded by beach houses)
  • Known For— Quiet + relaxing space with a tide pool, hidden lighthouse tower.



Mission Beach

  • Location—San Diego
  • Amenities—Belmont Park on the pier, volleyball courts, beach houses for rent
  • Food + Shops—So many! Ranging from Mom + Pop businesses to worldwide chain establishments.
  • Known For— Large ocean front for biking + walking, various hotels, Belmont Park and carnival games + rides.



Happy Beachin’! Tell us your favorite beach spot on the west coast in the comments below!

Our Most Annoying Habits

Over the years, we both have developed some annoying habits that sometimes help us get through the day, make us who we are, or are just unexplainable. Here is a list of our annoying habits, as we know of…

  1. We make lists for everything.
  2. We type too many exclamation points when we text!!!
  3. We call each other “sissy”.
  4. We sleep on only one side of the bed, even if there’s no one on the other side.
  5. We usually don’t finish drinking our water bottles, and leave them lying around half empty.
  6. We listen to our favorite song on repeat for 4 days until we are finally sick of it.
  7. We sometimes think and say the same thing at the exact same time.
  8. We say sorry a lot.
  9. Becca can only eat one section of her meal at a time.
  10. Liz eats with her left hand, even though she’s right handed.
  11. We have the wimpiest, least professional-like handshakes.
  12. We stress out if we are late. Even just 2 minutes late.
  13. We like to keep our hotel rooms clean, even when housekeeping comes.
  14. We are lightweights when it comes to drinking.
  15. We have to mix our hot chocolate with hot milk, water just isn’t right.
  16. We tend to confuse others when we try to explain things.
  17. We keep flowers long after they’ve died.
  18. We always feel like eating popcorn after we swim.
  19. We never stop talking + laughing when we are together.
  20. We eat large meals, then 20 minutes later have another meal.
  21. We are obsessed with desserts + sweets.