Battle of the Pumpkins 


Before every Halloween we are determined to carve the best pumpkin. Of course, those of you who have carved pumpkins in the past understand it can be pretty stressful. It’s messy, it smells, and it never turns out the way you envisioned! Those who have mastered it, congrats, you conquered the gift from the pumpkin gods!

If you’re anything like us, we are not gifted with the art of carving pumpkins. However, we have discovered a fun + easier alternative to celebrating the pumpkin tradition: painting our pumpkins. We have noticed painting pumpkins has become a huge trend + we decided to give it a try! Here’s how our pumpkins turned out from this season.

Becca’s Pumpkin

Liz’s Pumpkin

Let’s have a vote! Comment below if you would rather carve or paint your pumpkins!


Pumpkin Patch


It’s time for pumpkin pickin’! We look forward to the pumpkin patch every year. We love the cool weather, the pumpkin smells, the fun activities, and of course the pumpkins!

Robbie + I, living in the heart of Orange County, aren’t blessed with many pumpkin patch farms that we are used to in Arizona. But nonetheless, there are pumpkins patches in parking lots of super markets + on the side of busy streets.

We were fortunate enough to find one big pumpkin patch farm called Tanaka Farm in Irvine at the Strawberry Farms Golf Club. It is known as the biggest pumpkin patch in Orange County.

Without a second thought, Robbie + I made plans to go Saturday afternoon on October 14th. Our thought process was “it’s too early for a lot of people to go”, being a couple of weeks before Halloween.

The trip getting there was a fiasco in itself. Being in So Cal, yes there is going to be traffic everywhere you go. But this traffic was at a new level! The parking lot at the venue was completely full, so we had to park 1.5 miles away from the club in a nearby neighborhood.

Sure, the walk wasn’t so bad. Robbie + I enjoy walking. However, when I think of attending a pumpkin patch, I think of a cool, crisp cold day, hot chocolate in my hand, + wearing a comfy sweater to keep warm. Nope, not this year. On this day, the weather was 94 degrees with the sun pounding on our backs. Why California?!

So we finally get to the pumpkin patch entrance after hiking through a sea of cars + people, + this place is packed. (We suspected that given the amount of cars trying to park).

Despite the crazy adventure getting to the pumpkin patch + the outrageous weather condition, it was a great time! Robbie found me the most perfect pumpkin + we got our hands on a homemade loaf of pumpkin bread for the trip home. We also participated in some activities on the farm such as a corn maze + a petting zoo!

Even though we made the best of it, we left with some valuable lessons. (1) Try not to go on a weekend, just don’t do it. (2) Plan our the time of day to go, mid afternoon probably not the greatest idea. (3) Go with someone you love with all your heart, because they make it that much better.

We might have hit some situations on the way, but we have a blast together + love the fall vibe of going to a pumpkin patch!

Becca + Derek Q+A

#RelationshipAdvice, Love.

How did you two meet? Derek and I met on a blind date a little over 5 years ago when we were 17 years old. I wish I could say it was love at first sight, but not exactly. Our first encounter was with a group of people. Liz was there with Derek’s friend, and another couple of mutual friends. Derek and I officially met talking to each other through a car window. His first words to me were, “Hey, we have the same birthday!”

When did you start dating? After a couple days of little encounters, on June, 9, 2012, Derek finally kissed me. We have been inseparable ever since. Although it wasn’t fireworks of love bouncing around us, we did become best friends immediately. I believe that’s why our relationship has fought for as long as it has.

What did you do for your first date? We say our anniversary is June 9th; however we didn’t go on our “official first date” until weeks after. We went to see the Disney film, Brave, at the San Tan Village Harkins Theatre, + frankly, we were disappointed in the movie. But we didn’t let that ruin our first date; Derek still made it fun. But we never saw that movie again.NewB+DImages2Photo was taken May 2013.

Who said I love you first? I was the first to tell him I loved him. It took me 11 months into our relationship to finally know + trust myself to know. He is my first (+ hopefully my last) boyfriend + I didn’t want to rush into things, especially because I was only 18 years old. Even though he claims he loved me long before I said it, he wanted to make sure I was in the same place before he told me. So about 0.2 seconds after I said it, he said (blurted) it too.

Were there any challenges in your relationship, so far? We have spent a lot of our time together in a long distance relationship. We were apart for our freshman year of college, barely saw each other through two basketball seasons at MCC (required additional 6 hours a day on top of school), and now will spend a total of 7 months long distance for his work. I have no secrets to how we make our relationship work, besides trust each other and make sure you are each other’s best friend, because it makes the distance easier.

Another challenge we deal with is growing up. We met when we were kids who thought we knew exactly what we wanted. Now that we are older and starting to learn more about what kind of people we want to be, it has been an experience that we do together. We have changed a lot, not only as a couple, but as individuals. We’ve managed to stay together through the learning process, because we were patient, understanding, + honest with each other. 

What are some things you two enjoy doing together? Like I mentioned before, Derek + I (+ Liz) have the same exact birthday, so we enjoy spending it together. For many years, Derek + I have spent our birthday at Disneyland. We both turn into crazy kids when we visit + we manage to go at least once a year (sometimes multiple times) because we love it so much. We also enjoy going on trips together. Derek is so adventurous (I’m working on it) + we are always wanting to explore together.

We are HUGE moviegoers. So a lot of our dates consist of going to the AMC theatre (because of the reclining chairs), and eating Milkduds + drinking a large ICEE while we watch a movie on the big screen. Another date we tend to repeat a lot is our weekly (at least) Chipotle dinner dates. We LOVE Chipotle + it’s the only Mexican food I can get Derek to eat, so it has become a tradition. 

What are your next steps? When Derek moves back to Phoenix in November, we plan on moving in together in 2018. We haven’t officially found a place to call home just yet, but we are on the search to stay in Scottsdale or Tempe. Once we find the one, we also want to get a puppy together + become paw-parents.


Photo was taken May 2016


Photo was taken June 2016


Photo was taken December 2016


Photo was taken December 2016


Photo was taken February 2017


Photo was taken April 2017


Photo was taken June 2017


Photo was taken June 2017