This Little Thing Called Life


Social media can portray many different aspects of someone’s life. Most of the time, it only shows their happy + eventful days. It may seem their lives are close to perfect.

However, not all days are like that. Actually most days aren’t like that. And some lives aren’t always glorious 100% of the time.

But we all have something to be grateful for. Here’s my story of the last couple of years where I felt lost, but found my way back.

***caution: long story***


Throughout my years in college, I experienced it on my own. Becca moved back to Arizona after our freshman year + I stayed in California. That transition forever changed me. Even though I feel that I grew so much + found a little piece of myself, those years were also my downfall.

College in itself was a struggle, but what really brought me down was my basketball experience.

In four years, I had four different coaching staffs. Four different years I had to constantly prove myself. Seasons were full of drama, frustration, unappreciation + self doubt.

Every year my depression + anxiety fell deeper. I constantly felt like I wasn’t good enough or welcomed by each coach that came into the program. Adapting to different cultures + the program changing every year, eventually broke the original reason why I wanted to attend the school. Basketball became a horrible nightmare to wake up to every morning. I found myself counting down the days until it was over + couldn’t wait to leave + never look back.

I thought it would get better after my last season or even after I graduated + got off campus. I could finally have a chance to forget the memories. But they never went away.

Transitioning from graduating college into the real world hit me pretty hard. I was working a part time job that paid shit + coached a JV basketball team that constantly reminded me of my struggles as a player + all the crap I had to go through the previous years.

A month after I graduated, I was at my all time low. I quit my part time shit job + was only coaching three days a week for two hours a day. In other words, I was bored out of my mind. I moved in with Robbie after graduation, which helped me tremendously, but he worked long hours throughout the day + some late nights. He was also taking care of me financially, which shouldn’t be the responsibility of a 22 year old.

My depression grew more than it ever had before. There were multiple occasions I wouldn’t even get out of bed. I applied for over 30 jobs + never received a phone call for weeks. A couple calls came through, but was never offered the job. On top of it all, I missed my family more than ever.

Three months of no work, no income, nothing. When I felt at my lowest, I got in contact with Orange Lutheran High School Administration to become a substitute teacher in August. [Which was ideal because I already coached at the school]. At the time, this opportunity was what I needed to hold on to a little bit of hope. Even though it took a few weeks to get into the classroom, I was eventually substituting almost everyday.

Even working 7 hours about 4 days a week, it wasn’t enough to support me + Robbie. So I was on the hunt for another job once again. Weeks went by + still nothing. I applied for three jobs on OLu campus + didn’t even get an email back. I knew around the holidays businesses would be hiring, so I applied to as many retail stores, all around Orange County, as I could.

Beginning of November, lululemon contacted me for a position + I broke down crying after I was offered the job. I have worked for the company before + absolutely loved it! Retail wasn’t always my plan, but it is something that will help Robbie + me out.

Now I am constantly busy! I am still a substitute teacher when I am available + basketball season is in full swing. On top of all the chaos, holiday hours have begun in the retail world, so I’m working as many hours as I can get at lululemon. This is just a path to get me where I want to go.

Even though I am very occupied with three jobs, Robbie + my family are super supportive. I have convinced myself to go back to school in the fall in a field of study I never thought I’d do, but I’ve never been more motivated. I am beyond grateful for my support system. I can honestly say, I don’t know where I would be without them.

Through all the pain + frustration, I don’t regret any of it. This transition of my life taught me more than I would’ve ever imagined. I’m so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned + the people who stood by my side.

Especially Becca.

Having my best friend 400 miles away when I was going through all of this shit was the hardest thing. These last three and a half years has tested us + brought us even closer. How lucky am I to have a sister I can call my best friend?  Through all the laughs, tears, + mental breakdowns, she was/is always there for me.



Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving Friends! 🍁🍂🦃

Every year we gather around the dinner table + indulge in the yummy meal our loved ones have prepared for us. We thank our blessings around the holidays as every year comes to an end. As we reflect on 2017, here are a few things we are thankful for!

Our amazing boyfriends. As we reflect on this year, we couldn’t be more thankful for the patience + dedication our boyfriends have given us. [Becca] Derek + I made it through our second round of long distance this year. No one knows the struggles we had as individuals while we were apart, but I am so thankful that our relationship was never challenged during the process due to Derek’s patience and support. [Liz] Robbie has been my rock this year. With a huge transition in my life, from graduating college, moving in with him in a different state, + the struggle of finding a job, he was always there to lean on.

Our parents. We can go on + on about how wonderful our parents are. Not only are they our amazing role models in every aspect of life, but they are our best friends. [Becca] This year I leaned on my parents a lot. Not just for comfort while Derek was away or for taking care of me during my surgery/recovery, but for allowing me to crash their weekend plans + dinner dates almost every weekend. I’m always thankful for having for their company. [Liz] Being in a different state, I remember how I took them for granted when I was home. I miss the sense of security + embrace when I am around them. I miss them more everyday.

Our brothers. Those of you who don’t know, our two older brothers have constantly had our backs + are huge inspirations in our lives. Brian, the oldest, + Alex, our older brother, have the biggest hearts + always find a way to help us. [Becca] Brian and Alex also spent a lot of time with me this year. Brian always dreams and achieves big, and Alex shares a lot of the same, relatable experiences as us, which makes for a great role model. [Liz] I still can’t believe their support + the inspirational impact they have on my life. I’m so happy to call my brothers my protectors + my best friends.Our friends. We never really expanded our circle of friends since we can remember. However, we created lasting relationships with the ones who matter most. [Becca] I am thankful for the small circle of quality friends we have maintained throughout the years, + especially in 2017. [Liz] I have made some amazing friends since I’ve moved to California. All which I meant through work! My co-coaches have become very good friends of mine + have helped me through this new transition in my life. I can’t be more grateful for their support.

Our blog. We are so grateful for our readers + supporters! We love creating a place for not only us but our readers to be themselves + embrace our quirkiness + hear our stories. Thank you so much to our supportive readers!! We love you guys so much + are so glad you enjoy our posts!

San Francisco Trip

#TravelDiaries, Explore.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit + pick-up Derek from his life in Northern California for the past 7 months.


Derek was initially staying in Redwood Valley, California, and met me in San Francisco on Friday night. We stayed at Club Quarters Hotel in San Francisco for two nights. The first night my (already) late flight got delayed another two hours, so I did not arrive in the city until 1am.


On Saturday morning, it was all giggles and excitement. We woke up pretty early + walked to the Starbucks below our hotel. **Side note: There’s a Starbucks on every single corner in SF, just saying. We spent the majority of our morning walking down Market Street towards the Ferry Building Marketplace. We walked, talked and took pictures as we took it all in. I’ve never seen so many tall buildings in one place before, + I was loving it!



The Ferry Building Marketplace was popping with people. We walked around and ate samples from the cute bakeries + browsed through the shops. We sat along the water for a bit just to get a chance to catch up since we haven’t seen each other in 8 weeks.




Next, we took an Uber to Fisherman’s Wharf to explore + eat some lunch. This was a place I always heard about, so I was anxious to finally see it in person. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun at this location. We walked around + watched a few side street magic shows + musical acts. By this time, we were hungry from the all the walking, so we got a table at Fog Harbor Fish House on the pier. We ordered too much food (of course), and sat there a while because we did not want to waste our meal. Once we finally finished stuffing our face, we watched the seals along the pier play + sleep.


Once we saw the whole Fisherman’s Wharf, we made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. This has been my plan since the day Derek told me he was moving in April. I selflessly agreed to him leaving, only if I got to take a picture in front of the bridge before he came home. He made sure he was able to keep that promise. I was so overwhelmed with excitement as we approached the bridge from Crissy Field. It is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. It looks just like the pictures you see everywhere, but there’s a sense of magic when you’re there in person. Of course we took a billion pictures and then made our way back to the hotel to rest + get ready for dinner. Our Uber guy took a back road back to our hotel + was our personal tour guide along the way. We appreciated his time + efforts to make our trip a little more special.


The only thing that was a little disappointing about SF was the lack of dinner options available. Derek + I walked around the city (no joke) just looking for a decent place to eat. A lot of restaurants were closed by 7pm! On a Saturday! We were so confused. But we managed to get some cool city light pictures. Eventually, we found a little bar across from our hotel that served pretty good food. After that, we were so tired from our day of adventures that we chilled in the hotel and ate snacks until we fell asleep.



On Sunday, all I really wanted to do was ride a cable car! So we did + rode it up to Chinatown, where we had a giant Chinese meal for lunch at Chinatown Restaurant. After lunch, we made our way back to the Golden Gate Bridge, so that Derek could get some drone footage. He got the drone a few months ago, so I haven’t seen him in action before. But I was so impressed with his abilities! I’m excited to see where his career goes from here!


After the bridge, I really really wanted to go to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse because I wanted a picture of the iconic sign “I got baked in San Francisco”. However, once we got there, it was closed because everything was sold out… I was pretty disappointed, but it gave us the opportunity to walk down to Union Square.


We went into a few shops in Union Square (didn’t buy anything… thank goodness), and made our way back to the hotel to gather our things + head to the airport to go home (this was a sad moment).

Overall, I had the best trip with Derek + it was the perfect way to celebrate his homecoming! I am so excited to go back someday + eat a treat from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.