Old Brick House Vintage Market

Every month, the Old Brick House opens their doors for three days to sell their vintage and antique pieces. We enjoy exploring these types of boutiques, because they tend to be very inspirational for our home decor. Although, we both prefer modern and contemporary ambiences in our personal decor, we like to add character and antique pieces to ease the straight and neutral palettes.

Take a look at these awesome pieces we saw at our Old Brick House visit this October.



Our Pumpkin Patch Debacle 

It’s time for pumpkin pickin’! We look forward to the pumpkin patch every year. We love the cool weather, the pumpkin smells, the fun activities, and of course the pumpkins!

Robbie + I, living in the heart of Orange County, aren’t blessed with many pumpkin patch farms that we are used to in Arizona. But nonetheless, there are pumpkins patches in parking lots of super markets + on the side of busy streets.

We were fortunate enough to find one big pumpkin patch farm called Tanaka Farm in Irvine at the Strawberry Farms Golf Club. It is known as the biggest pumpkin patch in Orange County.

Without a second thought, Robbie + I made plans to go Saturday afternoon on October 14th. Our thought process was “it’s too early for a lot of people to go”, being a couple of weeks before Halloween.

The trip getting there was a fiasco in itself. Being in So Cal, yes there is going to be traffic everywhere you go. But this traffic was at a new level! The parking lot at the venue was completely full, so we had to park 1.5 miles away from the club in a nearby neighborhood.

Sure, the walk wasn’t so bad. Robbie + I enjoy walking. However, when I think of attending a pumpkin patch, I think of a cool, crisp cold day, hot chocolate in my hand, + wearing a comfy sweater to keep warm. Nope, not this year. On this day, the weather was 94 degrees with the sun pounding on our backs. Why California?!

So we finally get to the pumpkin patch entrance after hiking through a sea of cars + people, + this place is packed. (We suspected that given the amount of cars trying to park).

Despite the crazy adventure getting to the pumpkin patch + the outrageous weather condition, it was a great time! Robbie found me the most perfect pumpkin + we got our hands on a homemade loaf of pumpkin bread for the trip home. We also participated in some activities on the farm such as a corn maze + a petting zoo!

Even though we made the best of it, we left with some valuable lessons. (1) Try not to go on a weekend, just don’t do it. (2) Plan our the time of day to go, mid afternoon probably not the greatest idea. (3) Go with someone you love with all your heart, because they make it that much better.

We might have hit some situations on the way, but we have a blast together + love the fall vibe of going to a pumpkin patch!

Modern Love Story

Social media has become an upcoming way of meeting a special someone. I know this because it happened to me. Here’s my story on how I found the love of my life through Instagram.

September 2017

Let’s start from the beginning. It was the end of April and I was finishing up my junior year of college when I received this message from a random Instagram account. The message read: “Are you truly 6’1??” [rock-star pick up line]. It’s crazy to look back + think that just a push of a button lead me to him. And I answered him with a simple “Yes I am”. 

Copy of File_000
July 2017

We talked everyday for 2 weeks, with better flirting, I promise. I knew I was falling hard for this guy, but it was also freaking me out. It was difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that I was falling for someone I never even met before + the constant fear of getting too attached too quickly + getting my heart broken. But Robbie was different from anyone I’ve ever encountered. 

He is such a caring, funny, respectful, inspiring, + humble person. He’s everything I could ask for in a guy. He continuously reassured me he was falling for me + he had no intentions of hurting me. We talked on the phone for hours almost every night + texted constantly throughout the day. For how much we communicated, it felt like he was always right next to me. 

January 2017

On our third week of getting to know each other, he made the courageous decision to drive out to Arizona for the weekend to meet me. As scared as I was to meet him, I was so excited. I had no expectations + planned for the worst if it came to that, but I also knew we would be just fine. If anything, we would just go our separate ways if it didn’t work out. I am proud of myself for taking the risk because it changed the rest of my life.


The morning he was driving to my house from California, I couldn’t sleep the night before + I cleaned the house like three times because I was so anxious. Of course it didn’t help that Becca was nervous he was gonna Catfish me and it would be some weird guy at the door. I’m not gonna lie, I was preparing myself for that.

August 2017

As soon as he called me to tell me he was outside, holy crap I couldn’t feel my legs. I walked outside and Robbie stepped out of his car, and everything just froze around me. The way he smiled at me is something I will never forget. He has a beautiful smile. He is just as handsome as he is in his pictures, if not more handsome [if that’s possible]. 

We hugged right away + the second we looked at each other, I knew. This is him. I instantly felt a feeling I never felt before. At first I figured it was just nerves, but looking back, I always knew I loved him the second I saw him. 

May 2017

The rest of the weekend felt like a fairy tale. We spent time getting to know each other + meeting my parents.  We did a couple of double dates with Becca + Derek to ease the nerves, but the nerves went away after 10 minutes of meeting. It felt so natural with him. Even though we only spent 3 days together, I felt like I knew him my whole life.

We instantly became best friends + partners in crime. Almost a year + a half later, we are beginning a little life together + love each other more everyday. And to think it all started on Instagram…

September 2017

**The best advice I can give from this experience is take the risk + do your research. My story was pure luck + chance + I made sure I was careful. Please be safe meeting people online + through social media. Not all online experiences end in happy endings, but sometimes the risk can be rewarding.**

Fall Fashion Trends of 2017

The Fall season entails Fall fashion! Sweaters, leggings, boots, + beanies are our go-to outfit choices, however, fashion trends change every year. Fashion Week 2017 in New York City was a success this year (as always). We picked a few of our favorite fall fashion trends this year that were street casual + more our style. Here are our fall fashion trends fall 2017 season.

Fall Fashion Trend #1: Florals

Bringing spring back with a twist.



Fall Fashion Trend #2: Leather Pants

Bad ass.


Fall Fashion Trend #3: Hot Mess

Mix + match, with a little structure.


Fall Fashion Trend #4: Deconstruction

Symmetry is overrated.


Fall Fashion Trend #5: Over-sized Sweaters

You already know.


**All images belong to New York Fall Fashion Week 2017, we do not own anything.**


Buns + Curls 

Our hair journeys have been fun + terrifying. Throughout the years of lots of trial + error, we have come across some of our favorite hairstyles that we resort to on the daily. What are some of your go-to hairstyles?

These are curls from a straightener. We love our CHI hair straighteners that have a curved edge to create these easy loose curls so quickly!

These curls are created from our NuMe Magic curling wands in the size 32 mm. This tool gets the job done and the curls stay all day!

Our next hairstyle is the half up, half down style. This can be achieved by pulling up just the top half of the hair into an elastic band. Its great because it gives you that hair down look but with your hair out of your face.

This style is one of our favorites. We call it the braided headband. We take two chunks of hair on each side of our head + braid them to the end of the strand. We criss cross them in the back to over lap + pin them with either bobby pins or a clip! Easy!

Our next go to is the famous top knot. Just place a messy bun on top of your head + you’re good to go! We like to let some loose pieces out in the front to create an even messier look.

The loose bun is a stylish + easy look for us! We like to keep our side braids in (braided headband) and create a messy bun at the nape of the neck. Also, pulling some front pieces out makes it more of a relaxed look.

Those are some of our favorite hairstyles! If you would like to see step by step on how to achieve these looks, please comment below or email us at beccaandlizblog@gmail.com!! Let us know your favorite hairstyles!

Becca + Derek Q+A

How did you two meet? Derek and I met on a blind date a little over 5 years ago when we were 17 years old. I wish I could say it was love at first sight, but not exactly. Our first encounter was with a group of people. Liz was there with Derek’s friend, and another couple of mutual friends. Derek and I officially met talking to each other through a car window. His first words to me were, “Hey, we have the same birthday!”

When did you start dating? After a couple days of little encounters, on June, 9, 2012, Derek finally kissed me. We have been inseparable ever since. Although it wasn’t fireworks of love bouncing around us, we did become best friends immediately. I believe that’s why our relationship has fought for as long as it has.

What did you do for your first date? We say our anniversary is June 9th; however we didn’t go on our “official first date” until weeks after. We went to see the Disney film, Brave, at the San Tan Village Harkins Theatre, + frankly, we were disappointed in the movie. But we didn’t let that ruin our first date; Derek still made it fun. But we never saw that movie again.NewB+DImages2Photo was taken May 2013.

Who said I love you first? I was the first to tell him I loved him. It took me 11 months into our relationship to finally know + trust myself to know. He is my first (+ hopefully my last) boyfriend + I didn’t want to rush into things, especially because I was only 18 years old. Even though he claims he loved me long before I said it, he wanted to make sure I was in the same place before he told me. So about 0.2 seconds after I said it, he said (blurted) it too.

Were there any challenges in your relationship, so far? We have spent a lot of our time together in a long distance relationship. We were apart for our freshman year of college, barely saw each other through two basketball seasons at MCC (required additional 6 hours a day on top of school), and now will spend a total of 7 months long distance for his work. I have no secrets to how we make our relationship work, besides trust each other and make sure you are each other’s best friend, because it makes the distance easier.

Another challenge we deal with is growing up. We met when we were kids who thought we knew exactly what we wanted. Now that we are older and starting to learn more about what kind of people we want to be, it has been an experience that we do together. We have changed a lot, not only as a couple, but as individuals. We’ve managed to stay together through the learning process, because we were patient, understanding, + honest with each other. 

What are some things you two enjoy doing together? Like I mentioned before, Derek + I (+ Liz) have the same exact birthday, so we enjoy spending it together. For many years, Derek + I have spent our birthday at Disneyland. We both turn into crazy kids when we visit + we manage to go at least once a year (sometimes multiple times) because we love it so much. We also enjoy going on trips together. Derek is so adventurous (I’m working on it) + we are always wanting to explore together.

We are HUGE moviegoers. So a lot of our dates consist of going to the AMC theatre (because of the reclining chairs), and eating Milkduds + drinking a large ICEE while we watch a movie on the big screen. Another date we tend to repeat a lot is our weekly (at least) Chipotle dinner dates. We LOVE Chipotle + it’s the only Mexican food I can get Derek to eat, so it has become a tradition. 

What are your next steps? When Derek moves back to Phoenix in November, we plan on moving in together in 2018. We haven’t officially found a place to call home just yet, but we are on the search to stay in Scottsdale or Tempe. Once we find the one, we also want to get a puppy together + become paw-parents.


Photo was taken May 2016


Photo was taken June 2016


Photo was taken December 2016


Photo was taken December 2016


Photo was taken February 2017


Photo was taken April 2017


Photo was taken June 2017


Photo was taken June 2017



Pumpkin Season 

Fall is our all time FAVORITE season! The months of October and November are filled with orange and brown hues, pumpkin flavor everything, + nice cool weather. Here are a few of our favorite things about Fall! 

“We love Fall season because…”

1. Hot chocolate is socially acceptable to drink, with a little hint of Rum Chata. 

2. It’s sweater weather without dying of heat exhaustion in the middle of the day.

3. Pumpkins are everywhere!

4. It’s the official season of eating delicious food + not giving a crap about our weight. 

5. It’s the time for haunted house date nights. Because we can’t go alone. 

6. Our personal color palette turns to oranges and neutrals. 

7. Our homes smell like Pumpkin Sweet Cinnamon at all times. 

8. Outdoor activities are encouraged because it’s not as hot as satan’s lair outside. 

Good Shoes Take You To Good Places

Oh my gosh, shoes. We love shopping for new shoes, but there are only a few that we usually grab for “everyday” wear. Below are a few of our favorite shoes and why we typically gravitate towards them!

FC553C87-813A-45E7-A46A-4DCB5D7F6AFD.jpgThese Forever 21 suede sandals are my absolute “go-to” shoe. I wear these almost every single day during the spring, summer and early fall. Here in AZ, we can get away with wearing summer clothes for 7 months out of the year, so these bad boys complete those mixed season outfits with a breeze!

CD62E0AE-A74B-49AE-899F-04CFB279E274.jpgThese brown chunky heel booties are also from Forever 21 (inexpensive, comfortable, + cute). I usually pair these up with leggings or jeans in the winter (end of December, beginning of January) when it starts actually getting chilly outside. I like these specific booties because they are a shorter heel, so they’re easy to walk in, and the brown color contrasts my blue denim and black leggings perfectly!

170E45F2-9BFA-4C04-B85B-9E8234ACB628.jpgI do not deviate from Nike. All our lives, we’ve played in Nike gear, and now it not the time to switch things up. I have MANY Nike running shoes, but these black Freerun 5.0s are the newest addition to my collection, and I’m newly obsessed with them!

File_000 (51)

These open-toed booties give any outfit that wow factor. Becca bought me these booties from Windsor Fashions for Christmas last year. We love the scrunched/relaxed look the top gives + the wood detail on the heel. The open-toe feature gives this heel a summer vibe while the bootie is essentially a fall statement. Ultimately, this bootie is versatile for many seasons! 

File_002 (1)

Something cute + comfortable. Our readers know comfort is what we strive for, and these cute nautical themed wedges are the definition of comfort. This heel has only a 1.5 inch wedge heel, which gives us a polished look without the addition of height. The beautiful twist bow detail on the top shows off our girly side with blue stripes on top of a cream fabric. The simple narrow ankle strap keeps the wedge heel in place + gives us that confidence of comfort + stability!

File_001 (2)

These booties are great to spice up any outfit. The comfortable heel is perfect for tall girls like us to add a little bit of height without going overboard. The lace up detail is what caught our eye for this pair. It gives an interesting look + adds more creativity to the original bootie. Also, there’s that open toe again! We love to give some breathing room for our little toes, so open-toed shoes are a great option for us.

We would love to hear about your favorite shoes you tend to grab out of your shoe collection! Leave a comment below!

Our Boyfriends Intervene 

Our boyfriends are huge parts of our lives. Even though our relationships are at different stages, Becca + I have always supported our relationships for each other. Here’s the time for our boyfriends to intervene.

Derek | Becca’s boyfriend of 5+ years. 

1. Describe yourself in a single word. Dope.

2. Describe me in a single word. Beautiful.

3. Who is your celebrity crush? Blake Lively.

4. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Snails.

5. Describe your dream house. Mansion with a view on a private island.

6. What’s one type of household chore you’re unwilling, or at least very resistant, to do? Making my bed.

7. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Travel the world.

8. When did you first realize you liked me? Our first encounter.

9. What do you like about us as a couple? We’re funny.


Robbie | Liz’s boyfriend of 1+ years

1. Describe yourself in a single word. Dashing

2. Describe me in a single word. Gangley

3. Who is your celebrity crush? Kate Upton

4. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Live squid

5. Describe your dream house. Small house on the beach or a cabin in the mountains

6. What’s one type of household chore you’re unwilling, or at least very resistant, to do? None

7. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Donate at least half, then travel for several years

8. When did you first realize you loved / liked me? Immediately

9. What do you like about us as a couple? Everything

We hope you had fun learning a little bit about our boys. Shout out to Derek + Robbie for participating! Let us know any fun facts about your significant others!

Outfits for Any Occasion 

We are busy people! Creating an unique + completely different outfit for every event can be exhausting + stressful. We’ve all been there when we are about to go out + we destroy our closets for the perfect outfit! Here’s a detailed list + description of some of our simple, yet stylish outfits that can be put together, dressed up, or dressed down for any occasion!

File_000 (37)
Outfit #1


This outfit is affordable + stylish! The top is a cool gray color with long sleeves cuffed at the wrist. The dolphin curve at the hem makes the top elongated while creating a flattering shape purchased from Forever 21 in a size medium. These H&M skinny jeans are a perfect hue to match with this top. They are a cool blue color with slight light shading at the thigh. The sandals (Target size 11) are a perfect lift without me looking like an Amazon woman. The strap detail covers most of the foot, which is more flattering for our taste. These pieces put together create an easy but cute look. This outfit can be worn at the office, to a party, or even out running errands.

File_000 (36)
Outfit #2


This outfit is leading us into fall season! Our readers already know our obsession with black + white stripes, but this dress is amazing. Not only do we love the pattern but the material is extremely soft + stretchy + fits in all the right places. There’s that dolphin hem again. The long curve gives a sexy but classy edge. This dress was purchased from Windsor in a size small. The shoes (Target size 11) are generic black booties but give a casual look. The fun idea about this look is it can be worn for every weather season. Just by changing the vest or shoes you move into a new time. This particular look is more for fall, but adding leggings and a puffy jacket with boots, enter a winter look, or sliding on some flip flops for summer. We love having a go-to for every time of the year.

File_000 (43)
Outfit #3


I wear this outfit probably two times a week. It is the most simple + comfortable outfit while being the cutest. The black high-waisted skirt from Windsor (size small) is our dream skirt. It is light + flowy + a perfect length for us tall girls. The top is a perfect pair with this skirt. It is a high neck crop top from Pac Sun (size small) with a strap design in the back. The detail in the top creates a more spontaneous look + the color is a unique taupe hue. Pair the outfit with simple flip flops to keep it casual.

These outfits are some of our favorites + our most versatile. (You know how we like versatile pieces). Tell us + send us a picture of your favorite go-to pieces for any occasion!

Nobody Likes You When You’re 23 

Wow, we are getting old. It’s so strange to think we turned 23 this year. For the transition into our “Michael Jordan year”, we spent it apart from each other, but still had a lot of fun!

Becca | Since Derek + I have the same birthday, we don’t get each other presents, but we like to go on a trip or do something together. This year, we had a fancy staycation at The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. We checked in on Friday afternoon + left Saturday afternoon. The Biltmore is an amazing resort + we were very fortunate to have been able to stay there!


Lux Room | We booked the Cottage Suite with the Garden view for our one night stay. It was a quaint “mini-house” with a small patio. It was so cute and luxurious + we felt super fancy.


Poolside | The resort has 8 pools. EIGHT! We stayed at the big “Paradise Pool” over the weekend because it had the swim-up bar and water slide.


Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner is Served | We got the “Summer Inclusive” package, which allotted us each a free breakfast, lunch + dinner at the on-site restaurants. For breakfast we had the buffet at Frank Albert’s, which served an abundance of yummy food! For lunch, we enjoyed  burger and grilled cheese at Frank Albert’s. And last, but not least, we shared a fancy meal together at Wright’s. We had an amazing food experience all weekend, and could not say better things about Wright’s. Absolutely delicious!


Overall Impression | Overall, Derek + I had a great time at the Arizona Biltmore. We got to enjoy each other’s company in luxury + I was able to enjoy a staycation at one of the best Arizona resorts. I would say that Year 23 is off to a good start!

Liz | Robbie + I took a trip to Castle Rock, Colorado for our birthdays. Those of you who do not know, Robbie’s birthday is two days after mine, so we like to combine our celebrations. Robbie’s family owns a vacation home in Castle Rock + love to visit as much as they can. This was my first time going + it was an absolute blast!

We first flew into Denver + had lunch at a rooftop bar ViewHouse Eatery while having the best view of Coors Field.

After food + drinks we drove about 45 minutes to Castle Rock + had a night in with pizza at the Riach’s vacation home.

The following day, Saturday, we drove about 2 hours towards the Rocky Mountains + spent the day in Breckenridge, Colorado for a fun filled day at the Annual Breckenridge Oktoberfest. At the Oktoberfest, they give you the option to buy tokens for drinks + a beer stein actually made in Germany! [The steins are pretty heavy cups]. After a couple of beers + glasses of wine, we decided to call it a day + head back to Castle Rock for more birthday festivities for Robbie.

Today, Sunday, we went on a beautiful hike. Roxborough State Park, about 30 minutes out of Castle Rock. It was about 2 miles round trip + had amazing views at the top!

Even though it was a quick trip, it was the most fun we’ve ever had! Twenty-three could not feel better. Thank you to the Riach family for a great birthday vacation! Until next time Colorado!

Becca + Liz | Even though we didn’t get to spend our birthdays together this year, we went on some pretty great adventures with our significant others! Cheers to 23!