The Challenge of Finding Styles for Tall Women

We know the struggle of walking into a department store + searching through the thousands of clothing choices, however, nothing will fit you. Becca + I have unique body shapes. We both are slender but were blessed with wide hips and big booties. And if we weren’t blessed enough, we are also 6 foot tall. It seems rare for a clothing designer to make affordable, yet cute clothes for tall women, but when it does happen, they are known to be too wide for our slender figures, or really pricey. The challenge growing up was real. However, we developed some tips + tricks to share with you on how we try to find the perfect fitting wardrobe!

Tip #1: Try EVERYTHING on! We know the process is a pain in the ass, but it will be worth it. Every designer is different so various sizes and cuts might fit better or worse. If anything, I take the same shirt in all sizes with me to the dressing room. The dressing room clerk isn’t always happy about it, but oh well.

Tip #2: Buy versatile/functional pieces. This becomes important when also trying to save $$. Looking for key pieces that can be used for multiple styles. For instance, a bodycon dress can also be used as a top tucked into a skirt. Or a jacket being used as a cardigan. Also a trick of ours is buying versatile pieces in neutral colors (white, black, gray, cream) so they can go with many outfits.


Tip #3: Create a new style out of it. Our biggest thing that we learned is to accept the fact that most pants are not going to fit our desired length. I am comfortable in a 36 inch inseam and Becca in a 35 inch inseam. Our tip when buying jeans, particularly skinny jeans, is to roll up the bottom once or twice, and viola! New cropped jeans. This can be done with maxi skirts as well. Tie a mini knot on the bottom of one side of the skirt and now you have a stylish new look.

Tip #4: Sometimes going bigger is better. If your body shape is similar to ours, then you know that most items aren’t long enough. A tip is to order a size bigger and go get it tailored at a seamstress. We know this may sound bizarre, however, if it’s a piece you know you love + would keep for some time it sounds worth it to us. A customized piece is necessary in every wardrobe.

Tip #5: Use the resource of Internet. Buying clothes online might sound risky, but it is a great alternative to going to department stores. You have such a wider range to choose from because most stores put everything they have online. It is way more convenient to shop online these days. A tip of ours is to read the stores return policy before clicking confirm cart. Most are pretty lenient about returning unwanted/unworn items directly to the store or back through the mail. This way you can try on each piece in the comfort of your own home and take back the items that you don’t want.

Tip #6: Don’t give up. You were gifted with beautiful bodies, embrace it! Growing up, we resented our height, now we fully accept the challenge + learned to love it. As frustrating as it can be, never lose hope of finding those perfect pieces. They are out there and waiting for you!

Some of our favorite stores to shop at: The Windsor Store,, Nordstrom, Lulus.