Day Trip | Flagstaff

A couple of weeks ago, our parents invited me to visit our brother, Brian + sister-in-law, Megan, in Flagstaff for the weekend. I enjoy visiting + getting away from the warmer weather, + of course, eating great food. On Saturday, we did some shopping Downtown + witnessed the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight at Brian + Megan’s friend’s house. On Sunday, Megan took us to her local Farmer’s Market at Downtown City Hall.

There were lots of people at the Farmer’s Market + more vendors than expected. I saw at least 26 puppies, so you know I was having a great time chasing them around. I was surprised of how much of a variety there was in what the vendors were selling. There were fruits + vegetables, tacos, jewelry, coffee + pickles being sold by the very nice people. I had a very positive experience.


As we were walking out, I decided to sample a peach that a man was serving. I kid you not, this was THE BEST + JUICIEST peach I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! So we bought a few for the ride to lunch, because they were just too delicious to pass up. Seriously, so good!


We then made our way to brunch at the well-known Mexican restaurant, MartAnne’s. I was told that this joint served the best breakfast, so I had pretty high expectations. MartAnne’s exceeded those expectations. I ordered the Chorizo Breakfast + I finished every bite. The chorizo had a tasteful kick to it, but nothing too extreme. The tortillas were fluffy + authentic, while the hash browns were nice + crispy.  I very much enjoyed my brunch + customer service while visiting MartAnne’s. I recommend it to anyone traveling to Flagstaff.



Game Night

College life allows us to learn more about ourselves + what kind of person we wish to become. It also allows us to find great friends + create memories + traditions with them. Sometimes we enjoy creating memories with our friends by skipping the raging parties + crazy bars & staying in + playing board games (nerd alert). It makes for a fun night in + is less expensive. Below are some untraditional drinking games that will switch up “Game Night”.

So grab your friends, a cheap bottle of wine + let’s get competitive.


Scattegories | This game starts with 12 random categories, and one random letter from the alphabet. The objective is to fill in all 12 categories with a word that starts with the picked letter + fits that specific category in under 2 minutes.

Once the time is up, each participant reads off what they wrote for each category. Players get one point for each category that is filled (and actually makes sense). If there are multiple players with the same answers for each category, neither player gets a point + has to drink. So it is important to be random + creative in order to get the most points, or you’ll get tipsy! The player with the most points at the end of the game wins + everyone else must finish their glass.


Charades | There is an app that can be used for this game, or you can go old school + pull slips of paper out of a hat. Either way, this game gets everyone involved! There is one guesser, and the rest of the participants are the hint givers. There are categories to choose from + random words are selected from each category. Only the hint givers are allowed to see the clue words.

The guesser must guess which word or phrase the hint givers are trying to describe. Hint givers cannot say the clue word. If anyone says the clue word, they must drink + move to another word. The guesser has 45 seconds to guess as many clue words as possible! Be aware of your surroundings during this game, it gets intense!

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 8.49.03 AM

Holy Ground: Joe’s Real BBQ

Everyone has family traditions that never seem to go away, no matter how many differences + changes occur. A location that has grown to hold a place in our family’s hearts is Joe’s Real BBQ in Downtown Gilbert.

File Jul 07, 11 29 48 AM

Joe’s Real BBQ officially opened on January 20, 1998, when we were just four years old. We couldn’t tell you about our very first time experiencing their tasty BBQ sandwich + fresh homemade applesauce, but from what we remember, we’ve been eating BBQ there our entire lives. We would visit after basketball tournaments with our club teams, call it dinner for an ordinary Tuesday night + most importantly, share memories with both sides of our families, as we rely on it to be a common meeting place.

This BBQ joint holds a very special spot in our hearts because it was the memorial spot where we gathered to remember our Grandpa Rudd after he passed in December 2015.  All of our Dad’s side of the family came to Arizona (stayed in our house actually) for Christmas that year, although Grandpa Rudd didn’t get to make it to see everyone. Since there was no funeral planned, we shared a special moment at the place where we all felt closer to him + to each other.

We continue to eat here very often, + enjoy the memories that we have created + continue to create. Joe’s Real BBQ is a place where we gather as family, no matter how long it’s been, or how far we live. This BBQ joint is delicious, but it holds a lot more than just the amazing pulled pork sandwich + homemade Root Beer (which we highly recommend).

What are some of your family traditions that you resort to?