What to Expect from Spin Class

With being athletes most of our lives, working out at a gym became part of our daily routine. Even though on some days the most difficult part was getting there, we managed to push each other to go. We typically had a workout plan with us during training for our basketball seasons, so we never felt it was necessary to try the fitness classes offered at our local gym. Man, do we regret that. A couple of months ago, both of our basketball careers came to an end but physical activity was still part of our lifestyle. Instead of pushing hard on the weights, we decided to start taking classes the gym offered. Spin class became one of our favorites. If you are interested in trying out these classes, here’s what you should know

What is it: The best way to describe Spin class is indoor cycling. Members sit on stationary bikes and perform variations of speeds and resistance. Certified “spinning” instructors are the only ones who are allowed to lead this specific class + are used as a guide throughout the 40-60 minutes. This activity is a cardio/aerobic workout sequence that is set to music. If that’s not fun enough, the rooms are usually filled with mirrors on the wall + the only source of light are black lights mounted at the front by the instructor. Wear a bright neon shirt + you’ll be the life of the party!

What to expect: The instructor is there as a guide. If you want to go at your own pace, so be it! The instructor should give you general tips on amounts of resistance, how fast to pedal, how hard you should be working, and when to perform various movements (standing, sitting, sprinting, etc.) Depending on how hard you want to work, you can recover, slow down, add or take away resistance at your pace. For beginners, it will take a few tries to get it down at first. Spinning will make you feel fatigued in your leg muscles but no matter what, don’t stop pedaling! Yes, you will be sore, even from sitting in the saddle. That’s normal, but that soreness generally goes away after a few times. Remember to always bring a water bottle to stay hydrated!

Who can do it: Spin is a great activity for those who want a motivating workout at their own controlled  pace. It is low-impact, which is perfect for those who have knee problems (any athlete), joint pain, or would like to balance out higher impact training, like running.

Where to go: Spin is pretty common in most areas. They are offered at almost every gym or fitness center, as well as spinning-specific gyms. Two spin-specific places I recommend are  The Madison  in Tempe, Arizona +  Bike 2 the Beat in Newport Beach, California . Both are great places + we had great experiences and instructors!

What to wear: any workout clothes is suitable for this class. However, I recommend wearing leggings as bottoms because it is more comfortable on the saddle. Also, if you have them, padded cycling shorts would be ideal + will increase your comfort. Workout shoes or cycling shoes (that clip into the bike pedals) will be perfect!

Our tips: If this is your first time, show up early! Let the instructor know you’re new + ask them any questions you may have about the class, and if they can help you set up on your bike (which can be tricky). The main thing to gather from this class is to monitor your intensity + work at your own pace. Everyone is different. Be your own judge. Another tip is every instructor is different. So if you didn’t enjoy the first time, try a different instructor or location. Give it a chance with a few different classes before you decide it’s not for you!

Happy Spinning xoxo