Our Pumpkin Patch Debacle 

It’s time for pumpkin pickin’! We look forward to the pumpkin patch every year. We love the cool weather, the pumpkin smells, the fun activities, and of course the pumpkins!

Robbie + I, living in the heart of Orange County, aren’t blessed with many pumpkin patch farms that we are used to in Arizona. But nonetheless, there are pumpkins patches in parking lots of super markets + on the side of busy streets.

We were fortunate enough to find one big pumpkin patch farm called Tanaka Farm in Irvine at the Strawberry Farms Golf Club. It is known as the biggest pumpkin patch in Orange County.

Without a second thought, Robbie + I made plans to go Saturday afternoon on October 14th. Our thought process was “it’s too early for a lot of people to go”, being a couple of weeks before Halloween.

The trip getting there was a fiasco in itself. Being in So Cal, yes there is going to be traffic everywhere you go. But this traffic was at a new level! The parking lot at the venue was completely full, so we had to park 1.5 miles away from the club in a nearby neighborhood.

Sure, the walk wasn’t so bad. Robbie + I enjoy walking. However, when I think of attending a pumpkin patch, I think of a cool, crisp cold day, hot chocolate in my hand, + wearing a comfy sweater to keep warm. Nope, not this year. On this day, the weather was 94 degrees with the sun pounding on our backs. Why California?!

So we finally get to the pumpkin patch entrance after hiking through a sea of cars + people, + this place is packed. (We suspected that given the amount of cars trying to park).

Despite the crazy adventure getting to the pumpkin patch + the outrageous weather condition, it was a great time! Robbie found me the most perfect pumpkin + we got our hands on a homemade loaf of pumpkin bread for the trip home. We also participated in some activities on the farm such as a corn maze + a petting zoo!

Even though we made the best of it, we left with some valuable lessons. (1) Try not to go on a weekend, just don’t do it. (2) Plan our the time of day to go, mid afternoon probably not the greatest idea. (3) Go with someone you love with all your heart, because they make it that much better.

We might have hit some situations on the way, but we have a blast together + love the fall vibe of going to a pumpkin patch!


Pretty Girls Smile

There’s nothing more aluring about a girl than her confident smile. Constantly being a happy woman can be difficult these days because we live in a world full of competition. Thanks to social media, we constantly compare ourselves to others by simply clicking on an app. We believe social media can be a place for raw, confident, supportive, + loving people. However, it can also be full of negativity + inaccurate representations resulting in feeling self-conscious + not good enough.

Becca + I have felt that way before. We felt like we needed to change our clothes, make up, hair, lifestyle, things we had, or big steps we felt like we had to take just to feel a tiny bit of satisfaction of inclusion. But in the end, we still felt like outsiders. We realized it’s not about the way we look, what we buy, the places we travel to, or what job we have. None of that matters. We always compared our lives to the ones we saw through a screen + judged our own.

We believe we have recently grown away from that + started to see + feel our self-worth. We are here to tell you that you are beautiful, just the way you are. As cliché as that sounds, it’s true. The way we live our lives are never going to be the exact same as someone else’s, so why judge it? It doesn’t mean that one is behind or ahead in life, it means we are on different paths + that’s OK! We embrace the flawed, weird, quirky, imperfect, beautiful, magical people that we are. We encourage you, our readers, to do the same.

Here’s a list of ideas to how to get our beautiful readers smiling, because pretty girls smile.

  1. Stay focused on yourself. Do not compare your life to anyone. Live your own life + be confident of your path. Everyone’s path is different.
  2. Live a stress-free lifestyle. Relax, go on adventures, + try new things.
  3. Learn to love yourself. Embrace the person you are + the person you want to be.
  4. Have a positive outlook. Mistakes are going to happen, learn from them + move on. There is good in every situation.
  5. Do what you love. This life is too short to waste your time doing anything else. Take the risk + have some fun!

Just so you know, you are enough! Treat yourself like you are + share your smile to the world, pretty girl.

Our Most Annoying Habits

Over the years, we both have developed some annoying habits that sometimes help us get through the day, make us who we are, or are just unexplainable. Here is a list of our annoying habits, as we know of…

  1. We make lists for everything.
  2. We type too many exclamation points when we text!!!
  3. We call each other “sissy”.
  4. We sleep on only one side of the bed, even if there’s no one on the other side.
  5. We usually don’t finish drinking our water bottles, and leave them lying around half empty.
  6. We listen to our favorite song on repeat for 4 days until we are finally sick of it.
  7. We sometimes think and say the same thing at the exact same time.
  8. We say sorry a lot.
  9. Becca can only eat one section of her meal at a time.
  10. Liz eats with her left hand, even though she’s right handed.
  11. We have the wimpiest, least professional-like handshakes.
  12. We stress out if we are late. Even just 2 minutes late.
  13. We like to keep our hotel rooms clean, even when housekeeping comes.
  14. We are lightweights when it comes to drinking.
  15. We have to mix our hot chocolate with hot milk, water just isn’t right.
  16. We tend to confuse others when we try to explain things.
  17. We keep flowers long after they’ve died.
  18. We always feel like eating popcorn after we swim.
  19. We never stop talking + laughing when we are together.
  20. We eat large meals, then 20 minutes later have another meal.
  21. We are obsessed with desserts + sweets.