Who We Are.

Hello! Becca + Liz is a place where our readers can get inspired, learn, + can relate with us! We are identical twins who share similar interests, beliefs, + expectations. However, we have different perspectives on things,and have lived through different experiences.

Although we are inseparable at heart, we have spent the last three years in different places, geographically speaking. Becca appreciates the desert views + scorching death-heat in Phoenix, Arizona, while Liz prefers the sandy beaches + terrible traffic in Orange, California. Even 300+ miles apart, we support + encourage each other every single day.

Living. We both do not handle stress very well. So, throughout the years, we both have developed habits (some may call “annoying habits”) that we do to remain calm and organized. Our goal is to motivate + inspire each other to be our best selves, while ranting about the life events that get the best of us.

Explore. Growing up, we had the amazing privilege to travel quite often. And while the traveling has slowed to a manageable pace, the trips have got bigger + better. Our goal is to explore new places + try new things in life.

Style. Playing in sports for 16+ years + having two older brothers, we aren’t the girliest of girls. However, we do appreciate fashion + beauty, and strive to improve our style. Join us in our goal to express ourselves in the best way possible using fashion + beauty tips.

Love. We both have found two amazing men who understand + respect our strange twin connection. Derek + Becca met and immediately started dating their last year of high school. Six years later, they are still madly in love + are paw parents to the gorgeous Albus, the Great Pyrenees. Two years ago, Robbie + Liz fell in love at first sight + are building their life together in California. 

Enjoy living, exploring, styling + loving with us!



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